Hey there! Nameless here! So I wanted to tell you all about some updates, and my new project! I’ve updated the Sponsors’ logo in the sidebar, so now when you click on it, it will actually send you to the sponsored site.

The Social Stuff of Me page is gone. I don’t use much Social Media so there really isn’t any reason for the page.

The Sidebar has been updated so now you can follow the blog with your email and receive an email every time there’s a new post! As of now we have 195 followers, so please follow!

Now for my project. I’ve started a small company called Undefined Designs where I’m making logos and such for small businesses and individuals.

Undefined Designs Logo

I’ll probably start designing websites as well, but that’s a tad bit more complicated. So if you would like a Logo made for your Small Business or even a project, feel free to check out my website and I’m sure we could work something out 😉

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

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Crossy Road App Review!

Hey there! Nameless here! Have you heard of the new hit app, Crossy Road? Well read on to find out if it’s worth your time, and phone space 😉 Also, if you like Frogger, you REALLY should read on ;P


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Heads Up App Review

Hey people! Nameless here! I just wanted to write a quick review on an app that my cousin bought and played with me while I was in town visiting over the weekend. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called “Heads Up” and it’s $.99 (99 cents) on the Apple Appstore. So read on to find out if it’s worth your money!

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Happy Not Yet New Year!

So, happy almost New Year! I changed the Header / Banner from our Christmas one. I hope you like it, and please keep in mind this Header is not a “New Year” Banner because that would be a waste of my time. Why would I make a whole new Header for ONE DAY? I wouldn’t, I’m too lazy for that kind of work, so this is the actual header until I feel like changing it again 😉

Also, please remember to request a review, and I’ll start posting them as soon as I can. I’m nearly done with the Make Your Case review, and I’ll be starting on one for the Crossy Road and Papa’s Freezeria Apps (iPad Editions) 😉

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

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Merry Christmas!

Hello there! So I started catching up on some requested reviews earlier (Yes, on Christmas. Workaholic who doesn’t get paid? Yes, yes I specialize in that). Which is really fun since I got a laptop this morning 😀

But aside from the laptop, I want to mention some very important presents I got that have nothing to do with anything!


And ohmygoodness is it addictive. I’ve seriously had a hand in it ALL DAY. I don’t think I’ll write a full fledged review, but maybe some comments or reasons you should get it if you were thinking about it. Seriously, I don’t care if you’re 4 (Well, I’ll explain a part why I do in a minute), or 4,000,000. IT’S FUN.

I also got a Make Your Case thing, which I have to be honest, I’m already taking notes for the review. And for a minor reference, in case you’re following the blog and are looking forward to this review (You know, if you might’ve gotten one)… This is the original Make Your Case, not the Spin Art or Needlepoint or any of those.

I also got some Marvel Comic Trivia (<3<3). I also got these amazing boots that I can’t wait to wear to my church New Year’s party c: c: I got some more Hair Chalk (But not Hot Huez or anything like that. I haven’t even opened it to see if it’s a compact like Hot Huez yet…). Amazing T-Shirts that I actually picked out (One of which was only saved for Christmas by accident and I was supposed to get it in October……. Whatever Mom, it’s okay, I got the shirt now,).

Sadly, in my stocking, Santa Clause left me Deodorant and Spray-On Deodorant… I haven’t smelled that badly lately, okay!?

So Merry Christmas from me to you, and may all your requests come true!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I will probably try to do some more Movie Reviews and Requests now. Still trying to convince my mom to let me start a YouTube Channel. I just bought this jacket that zips over your head (Mine is Darth Vader. All of my siblings got one too!). Hopefully, this will influence her decision. “Darth UnDEFiNed”? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Nameless”? “Captain Nameless!”? I dunno. There is a Batman one that I keep stealing from my older sister, but it doesn’t cover my face.

An internet vigilante who can beat people up. Boo yah.

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Hot Huez Review

Hi there! So it’s Christmas time, and you’re probably looking for something to get your testy teenager. Well if you were looking about getting Hot Huez and decided to look it up, then here’s your sign! Click below to read my personal reviews and comments 😉

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Nakamichi Headphones 780 Metallic Edition


Ready for some in-depth information about my favorite headphones? Click below 😉

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